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Public Affairs

Public Affairs involves the strategic representation of your organization’s interests towards politics, government, and the societal environment.

PACT's office is located just a stone's throw away from the Binnenhof (Dutch Parliament). We can bridge the gap between your organization and political The Hague or other stakeholders. For this purpose, we offer tailored strategies and monitoring of relevant policy issues.

Strategic Communication

Effective internal and external communication is essential for an organization’s success. This applies both within and outside the political arena. It is therefore important to develop an appropriate communication strategy.

Strategic communication involves the effective planning, development, and deployment of communication activities to achieve your organization’s objectives. PACT can help you achieve this.

Editorial Services

For various clients we manage stakeholder magazines and edit web portals with news and background information in their field. PACT has a team of experienced journalists and copywriters who have earned their stripes in these roles. They excel in content, conducting interviews, writing press releases, coordinating editorial work, and more. Video productions are also playing an increasingly important role in our media.

Conferences and Debates

PACT verzorgt al vele jaren met succes congressen en debatten voor verschillende organisaties. Zo organiseert PACT discussiebijeenkomsten, waarbij onze opdrachtgevers met hun belangrijkste stakeholders in gesprek gaan over actuele thema’s. Deze bijeenkomsten vormen een uitgelezen gelegenheid om te netwerken en om meer te weten te komen over een bepaald thema. Ze dragen ook bij aan een positieve beeldvorming van jouw organisatie.

Reputation Management

    Well-structured reputation management enables your organization's image to be measured and controlled by the outside world. A proactive approach creates a good reputation, strengthens your network, and makes you less vulnerable to negative publicity. PACT provides support in setting up and maintaining your reputation management. This often involves comprehensive reputation research based on qualitative in-depth interviews with stakeholders. PACT has extensive experience and expertise in this field. PACT provides support in setting up and maintaining your reputation management.

    Media Training

      PACT provides coaching and training in the areas of lobbying, governance, and media. Especially for top executives and high potentials, we have developed a unique, exclusive training program at the highest level. 

      Digital PA

        With Digital PA, public affairs and stakeholder communication take place online. Through strong editorial content, visions can be exchanged, and interests addressed. PACT assists clients in developing a storyline, setting up a Digital PA campaign, and delivering high-quality content. One advantage of Digital PA is that the results are easily measurable, and the campaign can be continuously optimized. It offers a range of possibilities to reach the desired target audience very specifically with content tailored for them.

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